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Why should someone build with you? What’s your “edge?”

We’ve been in business continuously since 1978. We have never gone out of business, reorganized, or changed owners. Our job superintendents are assigned to only one project, with a maximum of two (many builders have job superintendents managing anywhere from five to eight projects at a time). We operate on a 100 percent open-book basis where every bid, invoice, receipt, and discount is disclosed to our clients at all times.

How many luxury homes do you build annually?

We like to keep the experience small and personalized. John, Jeff, and Gary are involved in all projects, both big and small. We build between eight to 10 new homes per year, and specialize in luxury renovations as well.

What’s the first step a homeowner should take before selecting a builder?

Interview builders to get a good sense of their personalities, years in business, process, and fee structure. Ask to see a home that was recently built, and then ask to see a home that was built 10+ years ago. This will give you a good indication of how their homes stand the test of time.

We take great pride in … the longevity of our family-owned business. We work hard to operate an effective business and maintain the positive reputation we’ve built over nearly four decades in the industry. As an established builder, our clients can count on us and take comfort knowing that we’ll be in business in the future to be there for them, warranty their homes, and continue to provide them with exceptional customer service long after the project is over.

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