2019 Builder: James McNeal Architecture & Luke Busker Masonry


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James McNeal, principal, and Luke Busker, general contractor; James McNeal Architecture & Luke Busker Masonry
James McNeal, principal, and Luke Busker, general contractor

Erica Loeks

Brought together by a passion for art and craftsmanship, the eponymous leaders of Luke Busker Masonry and James McNeal Architecture and Design (JMAD) joined forces to create the incredible Huntington Manor in Orono. The pair were well suited to partner on this masterpiece, given their talent and years of experience designing and building elegant homes in Minnesota.

Luke Busker Masonry was founded almost 20 years ago, and Busker has become known for his masterful stone masonry. While some of his most prominent pieces have been grand exteriors, Busker also works on smaller-scale projects that have just as much impact, such as water features, outdoor living spaces, and fireplaces. His team completes projects with precision and clear communication, and strives for an aesthetic that is, as their mission statement says, “legendary, not just ordinary.”

James McNeal has left his own mark on the landscape of Minnesota, designing homes that are not based on what is trendy but rather on an in-depth knowledge of the evolution and essence of different designs and styles. In short, what makes a design look timeless and effortless. Clients work with JMAD architects from start to end, receiving sketches at each stage so they know exactly how their dream home will turn out. McNeal says, “Our goal in working with clients is that together we see the art and beauty of our joint creation.”

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