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With 29 years of industry experience, Kroiss Development has shaped its business philosophy around four core principles: integrity, honesty, transparency, and empowerment. Staying true to these principles and providing exceptional service to each homeowner has allowed the company to gain a loyal base of clients who are confident referring Kroiss to their friends and family.

Kroiss Development has built modern contemporary homes, lakeside cottages, classic Tudors, and Dutch colonials. They don’t specialize in home styles as much as they specialize in inspiring their clients to dream limitlessly of the perfect home. President of Kroiss Development Todd Simning explains, “Our clients don’t choose us as their builder based upon a singular vision—they choose us because of our depth of vision.”

A true statement of the Kroiss commitment is that so many clients call Simning a friend. He has several dinner parties every year and, inevitably, each one of the guests is amazed that they have all built homes with Kroiss Development. “It is so enjoyable to hear clients say, ‘We are friends with Todd,’ instead of ‘Todd built our home,’” Simning remarks. “I think that says a lot about how we have built our business and why people feel comfortable working with us. To me, that is what makes me feel proud to be a builder every day.”

Photo of Todd Simning of Kroiss Development
Todd Simning, president (Erica Loeks)


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