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“We loved the process so much that we’d want to do it all over again—if we didn’t love our new home so much!” This is one of the compliments Hartman Homes loves receiving from clients. The company earns its well-deserved praise by working with homeowners throughout every phase of the process and guaranteeing their clients will get what they envisioned, without having to compromise. Owner Mike Hartman and his experienced staff guide clients through the custom home building process, from lot selection to architectural planning, financing, construction, and design selections.

Hartman has been refining and improving the entire home building experience and process for over 30 years. As a result, the company is known in the local market for its quality, service, and customer experience. They provide an enjoyable and stress-free process, all while having the confidence that the homes will exceed clients’ expectations.

Along with striving to perfect the customer experience, Hartman Homes is always trying to maximize their client’s budget as if it were their own. Their team puts a lot of time and energy into the “pre-build” investigative process to help clients determine if remodeling or rebuilding is the right option. With an award-winning design team, Hartman Homes creates homes in an array of styles from modern to rustic, depending on their clients’ tastes and personalities. Clients can also meet with Hartman Homes’ designer at their showroom in Hudson, Wisconsin, to transform their ideas into the unique custom home that they envision.

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