2023 Luxury Home Tour: Divine Custom Homes

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Divine Custom Homes

Address: 606 Heritage Place, Stillwater, MN 55082 

Square Footage: 5,592

Number of Bedrooms: 5

Number of Bathrooms: 6

Style: Modern Brick House

True commitment to custom home design means devotion to bringing dreams to life. At Divine Custom Homes, the staff lives by this mantra to ensure that each project is a clear and true representation of the homeowner. The company started 22 years ago with the goal of making its building and design process different than others in the industry. Now, all these years later, Divine has built two or more homes for numerous clients, speaking directly to that goal.

“I started my career in business finance, and after seven years, I left the corporate world to pursue building, which is what my parents always said was my destiny” President Jeff Warren explains. “It began with multifamily housing but quickly switched to custom home construction several years in, [which is] where my true passion lies.” By striving to add the often-missed details and incorporate expert craftsmanship throughout the process, Divine showcases its passion and client-first approach in every project.

One of the firm’s recent projects is an excellent representation of the team’s craftsmanship and dedication. Named “Modern Brick House,” there are modern touches throughout the home combined with an aura of coziness in its finishes. The entire process was a collaborative effort between Divine and the homeowners. A simple inspiration photo for the kitchen truly set the tone for the rest of the home, with the resulting aesthetic including high-contrast, unique features and an appreciation for texture and natural materials.

The process began with the exterior; what started as a small amount of brick on the façade resulted in a front elevation where the brick and paneled sections work together to add dimension and beauty for an unforgettable first impression. In the interior, natural materials such as concrete, plaster, marble, and white oak flooring are used. One of the coveted features in the home is the versatility of the main level. The large kitchen is a statement piece, but also connects to a huge working pantry that allows for easy entertaining or day-to-day gathering. “The stunning veining of the full-slab backsplash with ledge in the kitchen was an all-hands-on-deck collaboration that ended up being our favorite feature of the home,” Warren exclaims. These rooms are connected to a beautiful living room with a divine three-season screened porch that offers incredible views through floor-to-ceiling windows. To keep a cohesive feel throughout, modern elements are thoughtfully placed with a heavy emphasis on warmth.

The combination of modern elements with warm tones and textures creates a truly one-of-a-kind feel throughout the home’s entirety, resulting in a design that is layered, welcoming, and timeless.

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