2020 Builder Preview: Narr Homes

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Greg Narr, owner, and Karen Narr, designer


Narr Homes has been in business for more than 50 years—Greg Narr, the owner of Narr Homes and son of the founder, got his start in the construction industry early, working for his father in high school and learning the building process from the ground up. Throughout the years, Narr helped grow the business. Today, he is still involved in every step of the process from the initial design to the architectural details.

As a testament to the company’s service, Narr Homes is often referred to by architects as a “design-sensitive builder,” and the team strives to create the best product possible through a collaborative approach. Client relations is at the forefront of Narr Homes’ philosophy which takes on the Golden Rule: Treat clients the way you would want to be treated.

To keep everyone on the same page throughout a project, Narr Homes’ team likes to meet with the client on a weekly or biweekly basis to go over any upgrades or changes that may be required and answer any questions and concerns. Even after the building process, Narr Homes makes sure clients are set up for success by putting together a booklet of all the manuals and list of the subcontractors that worked on their home. At the one-year anniversary of the home, the company addresses any concerns or touch ups that may be needed. If something more major arises, the team addresses it immediately.

Narr Homes is proud of the subcontractor relationships the company has fostered over the years and, of course, the many satisfied clients they have served in the past 50 years. When it comes down to it, Narr Homes has had one goal, then and now: To create homes that satisfy the client’s wants and needs while creating value greater than the associated costs.

Narr Homes primarily builds in the western suburbs of the Twin Cities.


Narr Homes

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