2020 Builder Preview: Divine Custom Homes

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Jeff Warren, president, and Tami Sherman, architectural designer


About to celebrate its 20-year anniversary, Divine Custom Homes starts its building process with each client in the same fashion. Led by president Jeff Warren, the highly experienced team sits down with the client and walks them through the entire process from start to finish, running through timelines, the client’s priorities, and aesthetic styles. It’s mandatory that the team gets to know the client and their idea of the perfect home. And it’s even more important that the client gets to know Divine Custom Homes, so they never have a second of uncertainty.

Divine’s secret weapon, architectural designer Tami Sherman, personalizes every home to the people who will live in it. She has mastered the art of listening and delivers an almost-perfect concept plan in the first round of design. She makes going through the design process an absolutely enjoyable experience.

The firm has not skipped a beat in the last 20 years (even through the housing crisis), which is a true mark of Divine Custom Homes’ dedication to impeccably designed and crafted homes. Similar to their own value-added approach and disciplines, the company expects not only quality but the same level of exemplary service from their sub-contractors, even after the process is complete.

From start to finish, Divine Custom Homes puts the clients first and makes sure everything meets not only the clients’ standards, but their own incredibly high ones as well. Warren says, “It’s a must that each new client that becomes part of the Divine family says, ‘Wow,’ each time they step into their new home.”


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