2020 Builder Preview: Contemporary Homes MN

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Scott Krohn, owner


While working as an executive in automotive collision repair, Scott Krohn stumbled upon his passion for home building and hasn’t looked back. Krohn and his family moved to Dallas, Texas, for a short-term job arrangement, and it was there that he and his wife Ellen became friends with Amy Nolen, owner of Nolen Homes, and a spark was ignited.

“All we talked about was building houses,” says Krohn. “We thought it was something that we could managewithourotherworkexperiences.”So,the couple took the leap and left their corporate jobs to start Contemporary Homes MN in 2019.

Krohn found that his experience in remanu- facturing damaged cars was a big help in understanding what goes into making a home, from the building forms to the quality materials. He strives to bring the same level of precision and service that he perfected over his 25-year career to each new project.

With a year of experience under their belts, the Krohns and Nolen have partnered on two new homes in Texas and are showcasing their first home in Minnesota on this year’s Luxury Home Tour.

Inspired by the home designs that they saw in Dallas, the couple wanted to bring this aesthetic back to Minnesota and make it a core part of their business strategy. “We differentiate our style by incorporating modern designs often seen in the Dallas market and bringing them to the Minne- apolis metro market,” Krohn notes.

While this is just the beginning for Contempo- rary Homes, the Krohns have made a point to build a solid foundation based on quality craftsmanship and superior customer service that will leave a lasting impression on clients.


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