Wake Up Your Walls With Mercury Mosaics

Minneapolis-based tile company Mercury Mosaics launches a new midcentury-modern tile design

Photos courtesy of Mercury Mosaics

Mercury Mosaics recently released Mid Mod Squares—the Minneapolis-based handmade tile company’s newest (and arguably most nostalgic!) tile pattern to date. Geometric and colorful, unique but refined, and vintage yet fresh, the midcentury-inspired design ($69 per square foot) is comprised of small semicircles, mini subway tiles, and classic squares.

What makes it so special? Kristen Torres Korman, Mercury Mosaics’ creative director, explains how the accent tiles are methodically placed to create a “tossed” or random surface pattern. When the sheets are rotated and repeated, she says, you’re left with a “custom, organic, and nonlinear design—one that no one else will have.”

“[It] brings me back to the era when my parents were budding art school grads, at a time when professional artistry was not viewed as a smart path,” adds Mercedes Austin, founder and CEO. “They brought their midcentury-modern flair into a home with completely different architecture, and it just worked. … For me, patterns inspired by midcentury design evoke the sense of wonder and inspiration I know I came from.”

Choose from one of four premade house blends, or customize your personal pattern story at mercurymosaics.com, where one can use a tech-forward “blend” tool to play with infinite made-to-order color combos.

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