Unique Wood Floors Predicts Flooring of the Future

Andrew Zheng, vice president of Unique Wood Floors, provides a peek into the flooring industry’s upcoming hits

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Family-Friendly Flooring

Perfect for families with young children or pets, Luxury vinyl planks—also known as LVP—give the appearance of wood with increased durability in a living space.

“This year continues the trend of a fast-growing waterproof and resilient flooring category,” Zheng predicts. The popular choice? Luxury vinyl planks (LVP), which are leading the charge with sustained demand and more consumer brand recognition, he adds. “Innovators in waterproof laminate and wood flooring are launching product lines [that] will rival LVP.
This flooring is excellent for families with kids and pets due to its waterproof nature and ease of maintenance for the grown-ups.”

Sustainable Flooring

Two individuals strip cork, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood floor options, from a cork oak tree.

“Eco-friendly flooring is part of the greater movement toward a more environmental-conscientious world,” Zheng says. “The flooring market has seen growth in the interest of cork flooring as a distinct category. Cork is biodegradable, renewable, and a natural insulator—making it a great way to reduce your energy bill.” (Cork, however, is not a new category and has been in use since the early 1900s, he adds.) Why cork? Zheng attributes its renewed popularity to the fashion world. “[It’s] ‘bleeding’ into other industries,” he continues. “Cork is now seen as hip and offers a distinct way for interior designers to show their flair.”

Rift and Quarter Sawn Wood

Although hardwood is competing with a growing number of substitutes that offer greater resilience and waterproof factors, most trends in the flooring industry are still led by the prestige of wood floors, Zheng says. “In the wood flooring industry, a new trend in 2023 will be a focus on a cleaner grade of flooring [that features] less knots and a more consistent color from plank to plank,” he explains. “Quarter sawn wood is a superior way of making hardwood floors and offers a unique grain pattern [in comparison to] traditional oak and maple aesthetics, plus improved dimensional stability. These floors are often used in contemporary or midcentury-modern designs to set them apart from the ever-so-popular farmhouse-style, rustic designs seen in past years.”

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