Trivet Pursuit

The holidays mean a lot of food, often of the “bring a dish to share” and “hot cheesy dip” variety.  And whether you’re hosting or looking for a thoughtful gift for the host, a trivet can be just the thing. Many are so beautifully designed they can be kept out all the time as an interesting object or base for a fruit bowl, vase or candle. Practical matters are foremost, though. A trivet has a job to do—protect the table or counter. So it should also be sturdy, level and washable. Here are a few that make the cut.

Made by the Futagami brass foundry in Japan, this elegant 7″ trivet features a practical and timeless star shape and good heft, which means it it will stay put. $80 at The Foundry Home Goods.

Juniper slices make this 5.5″ trivet durable and great smelling. The square design with visible frame gives it a modern, natural feel. $15 at Ingebretsen’s.


Concrete is having a moment in home design with countertops, floors and sinks featured in many a chic space. Bring a little of the trend to your table with these 8″ pentagon shaped trivets with straight line grooves to keep things interesting.  Available in three neutral colors. $35 at Areaware.


This fun, colorful felt 7″ trivet will brighten any table. Designed in Finland, the wool balls are hand-felted and sewn to create these nubby wonders. $34 at Ingebretsen’s.




Since marble is a great heat conductor, this trivet will not only protect your table, it will also keep food hotter longer. The simple gold design and white marble would go well in traditional or contemporary settings. Marble Hexagon Trivet, $27.99 at Houzz.

marble trivet

by Laurie Junker


Personal Designer

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