Trend-Spotting in 2019: Four Décor Ideas That Take Us Back to the Future

Images courtesy Chirigos Designs

January 1 has come and gone. Are you ready for your décor reboot? Apparently, according to sites like Decoraid and Interiorsonline, rose gold is out (did we know it was in?) but Millennial Pink is still a go, especially if it’s incorporated in Art Deco-style furnishings. Black is back for everything from baths to kitchens to dining spaces. Natural fabrics add warmth and authenticity, but no more 70s-style fiber art.

Oh dear! How do we parse it all into style spotting that makes sense? We asked Bridget Chirigos of Chirigos Designs in Wayzata for help. She made these enthusiastic suggestions for style spotting in 2019.

“While scouting through High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina, as well as our fantastic local resource International Market Square, we swooned over the trend toward bringing color back with a nod to the 80’s into our interiors,” she says. “Move over gray and white, and make room for blush, dark green, indigo blue, and burgundy.”

Chirigos suggests incorporating color to integrate myriad pieces of furniture or décor collected over time. “A perfect way to marry them together is to incorporate a pattern with multiple colors, like a one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted wool and silk rug from Tapis-Décor at Minneapolis’ IMS. The geometric tapestry-like pattern would pair perfectly in classic, transitional, or modern décor. Couldn’t you just imagine a blue velvet sofa, linen chairs, and a glass and brass table with this?”

Speaking of metals, brass has gone beyond trendy to become an evergreen staple, she adds. Those colors she was excited about? “Brass warms the cooler tones of indigo, green, and gray,” she explains. The addition of one brass lamp or other décor accessory adds depth and shine to a room vignette.

Wallpaper is continuing its resurgence with bright, bold patterns that ignite the imagination. “From florals to geometrics, wallpaper is a terrific way to add wow to a space,” says Chirigos. “Ceilings are the fifth wall and a perfect spot for bringing in great color and pattern.” The wallcovering pictured in this post, she explains, was created from sections of Lindsay Cowles’s abstract expressionist paintings and fabricated from “sustainable and renewable materials, another trend in home furnishings.”

Continuing the flashback to the 80’s, Chirigos says rattan is showing up all over the place. “We see it everywhere and in every design—from retro pieces to classic wingback-style chairs. I think we are appreciating the organic nature of this material. Painted or kept natural, it makes for a unique accent.”

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