Three Bathroom Trend Alerts for 2019

Images courtesy David Heide Design Studio

The spa-like experience. The tub and shower (i.e., a water space) behind a glass partition. Statement art on the walls. Concrete, terrazzo, marble. Asymmetrical fixtures and mirrors. When considering the big design move for bathrooms in 2019, the design pundits (see any interior design blog or magazine right now) have a plethora of ideas to choose from.

Greenery and wood, to provide an earthy grounding to your daily ablutions, not to mention the continuingly popular spa-feel trend, show up on numerous blogs. As does that pinnacle of self-care and relaxation, the soaking tub. Double sinks for couples reduces morning get-ready-for-work stress. Lots of clean and calming white tile and walls, with a splash of color pizzazz, continues.

But what’s happening here, unique to the Twin Cities and in Minnesota? What’s out and what’s up? According to David Heide, of David Heide Design Studio, plenty. Prepare for a couple of surprises as we reveal his scoops for 2019.

First off, with the continued emphasis on the bath as a quiet, private sanctuary for respite (cue the candles, soft music, lavender bath bomb, and glass of wine), what are we seeing in tubs for 2019? According to Heide, no tubs at all. That’s right. “We’ve been taking tubs out,” he says, “because people don’t use them. The rule has always been you have to have one tub in the house.” Not anymore.

Really! What are clients asking for instead? A seat in the shower, especially inside steam showers, for people to relax and soak in the steam, with a hand-held attachment for cleaning and rinsing. “That works much better for people,” he says.

Now this seems odd: The open-concept bath, wherein the bath is open to the bedroom and one gets ready for all the world (or at least whoever else is in the vicinity) to see. Not quite, Heide says. “We’ve been putting the sinks in a hallway or alcove, the shower in one space, and the private toilet room off in another space,” he explains. “That program works really well for kids’ bathrooms. One can be brushing their teeth, another can shower, and another be in the potty: That way one bathroom can serve multiple people, with privacy, at the same time.”

Here’s something on which we all agree: Wild powder rooms. “Powder rooms should be over-the-top,” Heide says. “They’re a way for homeowners to make a statement, put their best foot forward, show off high design. The use of luxury materials is less costly in this small space, and they’re a fun place to put money. Plus, you don’t spend a lot of time in there, so who cares if it’s a little over the top?”

Statement wallpaper. A single piece of granite for the floor. Walls of mirrors that expand the space and make it glisten. Heide says he’s made all of these moves. “Don’t overlook the ceiling,” he adds, “and try decorative wood trim, fun wallpaper, or a spectacular light fixture.”  What a way to make 2019 bold and bright!

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