The Tile Shop Talks 2023 Tile Trends

Kirsty Froelich, director of design at The Tile Shop, forecasts this year’s five hottest tile trends

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Dramatic, Handmade Looks

“These tiles have a handmade look with extreme variation from piece to piece and rich color gradation, meaning each person’s installation is going to look completely unique to their space—like a work of art,” says Froelich.

Biophilic Designs

“We’re seeing people gravitate toward beautiful, organic shapes and colors that can be found in nature,” Froelich says. “Especially since COVID-19, it has been so important to have those outdoor elements surrounding you and your home feel connected to nature.”

Moroccan Zellige Tiles

Handmade Zellige tiles from Morocco are only continuing to grow in popularity because of their unparalleled beauty and allure,” she adds. “Hand-molded, hand-cut, and hand-glazed by skilled artisans, these tiles embody true craftsmanship.”

Bold, Customized Patterns

“Patterned tiles featuring rounded shapes and curved lines often allow for custom designs depending on the orientation in which they are installed,” Froelich explains. “We’re really excited that people are leaning into this idea of personality-driven design and self-expression through their interior style.”

Geometric Mosaics

“There has been a shift toward more midcentury-modern styles again, and geometric mosaics are perfect for that,” she continues. “They offer strong elements of design—like crisp, clean lines—without making rooms feel cluttered or overwhelmed.”

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