The Terrazzo Takeover

Terrazzo is for more than floors, you know.

Studying abroad in the historic city center of Siena, Italy has allowed me to observe countless examples of historic European architecture and interior design through the ages, with many old buildings still fully utilized today.

Traveling on the weekend to other Italian cities, I see all sorts of design trends, just budding in the United States, that are in full swing in Europe (i.e. pom poms everywhere), as well as design and architecture typical to each city. I happened across Venetian terrazzo on the floor of my Airbnb during my weekend in Venice (what a find!), although I was unsure if it was recently installed to increase authenticity or truly was there for decades.

While it was used as flooring there, terrazzo has been making a comeback in interior design—and not just for the ground you walk on. Its unique appearance in each example makes it a pretty pattern for all sorts of surfaces, from pillows to wallpaper to furniture. If you like the look, plenty of products will help you join the terrazzo takeover.

Terrazzo Wallpaper

Popular patterned wallpaper combines with terrazzo in this playful product. Find this blue wallpaper in Livette’s Wallpaper on Etsy, but find countless other examples of terrazzo wallpaper on the site as well.

Terrazzo Baskets

You can look forward to doing laundry if you have cute baskets to use, right? Keep it stylish with a terrazzo basket on Etsy.

Terrazzo Round Plastic Salad Plates

8.5" salad plate with terrazzo pattern
Photo by Target

Your kitchen wants to join in on the terrazzo fun, too. Get a set of blue and white or a pink and yellow variety of plates and salad bowls from your local Target store.

Terrazzo Wall Art

If you love the pattern, but prefer it in smaller quantities, wall art is the perfect solution. By Inma on Etsy provides this piece.

Although all of these products utilize terrazzo in nontraditional ways, terrazzo is always beautiful in its original format. For traditionalists, here are some examples of terrazzo I found while in Venice, Italy.

close up of Venetian terrazzo
Photo by Lauren Pahmeier
close up of terrazzo flooring
Photo by Lauren Pahmeier


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