The DesignBar Space Lift

Come one come all DIYers
The showroom at DesignBar in Wayzata, Minnesota.
The open and inviting new DesignBar (Suzanne Navarro)

Looking to bring her expertise to DIYers, the budget-conscious, and anyone with spaces in need of sprucing up, interior designer Bridget Chirigos opened the DesignBar in her Wayzata-based studio, Chirigos Designs, in July.

Already, DesignBar is a hit. During appointments, Chirigos provides frustrated, overwhelmed clients with guidance on space planning, furniture layout, material and color selection, and how to jumpstart remodeling projects. “The process was effortless,” says Libby, a DesignBar client. “She’s ridiculously creative and understands the heart. She took years off my space—giving it a space lift!”

Chirigos created DesignBar, she says, in adjunct to her self-described “white-glove interior design and remodeling services.” But it’s fast becoming the go-to spot for genius advice on manifesting aspirations. “Clients can schedule an appointment, send in their photos, talk about their vision, or bring in floor plans, and we’ll help them with layouts, material ideas, and finishes,” says Chirigos.

Someone looking at tile swatches at DesignBar in Wayzata, Minnesota.
(Suzanne Navarro)

Even if clients are simply deciding on a sofa, they are welcome to come in to hear Chirigos’s expert recommendations. “We just play,” she continues. “We’ll do a quick layout of the space and spec one for them, or they can shop on their own knowing what to look for and how to accessorize.” After the appointment, she adds, “DesignBar clients walk away with confidence, a clear direction, new ideas, and less stress about their project.”

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