The Collective: Rovan Handcrafted Furniture

Rovan Handcrafted Furniture produces custom furniture pieces for private residences, commercial interiors, breweries, restaurants, and more

Photos provided by Andy Weld

Andy Weld

Andy Weld’s work began in an Iowa garage, where he found crafting custom drum shells and the concept of “making” both rewarding and challenging. When he later moved to St. Paul, he continued to refine his skills by restoring antique furniture. A passion for woodworking emerged, and soon after, he made his way to Colorado to enroll in Red Rocks’ Fine Woodworking program.

Now back in Minnesota, Weld heads Rovan Handcrafted Furniture—his company that produces custom pieces for private residences, commercial interiors, breweries, and restaurants. He finds satisfaction in working with clients to create one-of-a-kind works that define the rooms for which they are made. Through his secondary brand, Dead Ash, Weld is also committed to using sustainable ash wood affected by the Emerald Ash Borer—a beetle native to Asia that is invasive to the North American ash tree species.

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