The Collective: Landscape Paintings by Douglas Ross

Landscapes by Douglas Ross bring to light the natural beauty that surrounds us

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Douglas Ross finds inspiration in his home studio to create a beautiful landscape piece.

The words of Henry Miller—“To Paint is to Love Again”—have served artist Douglas Ross throughout his career and life. Behind great work is great inspiration, with his being the love of his life and the natural beauty of the world. Educated at the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis College of Art and Design, he went on to teach painting and sculpture for over 30 years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While in Nebraska, his wife taught art at Lincoln High School. Upon retiring, he returned to Minnesota, the origin of his art interest. There, he and his wife shared a studio in the Northrup King Building until her passing.

His works are grand landscapes, from a series of rushing waterfalls in each state to the gentle bend of the mighty Mississippi. For each of the states where it flows, he created two paintings that emphasized natural power and strength of the river. Each piece displays the immense potential of nature to shape and define the landscape all around us.

From now through September 26, see a retrospective of his work at Barbette in Uptown Minneapolis.

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