The Collective: Heidi Derner

Multidimensional artist Heidi Derner brings Minnesota outdoors to life on canvas

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Heidi Derner is a multidimensional artist. Her days are split between her “job” as a graphic designer and her love of photography and painting. However, what she is best known for is her alcohol ink art. The creative process of these works, which are part-cosmic galaxy and part-geode, calms her mind and nurtures her flow. She finds her inspiration in the great outdoors and the water that shimmers and swirls around us in Minnesota—reminding us to explore and embrace nature. She wants those who interact with her art to find their own inspiration and be immersed in the scenes, similar to getting lost while staring at the clouds.

Her goods range from wall art and furniture to practical home goods, including coasters and minimal-waste jewelry that is made using extra inks and supplies. Shop her collection online, visit her event schedule, or contact directly to discuss your own commission.

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