Sustainable Spring Cleaning Products

Spring is officially here, whether it feels like it or not, and a refresh of the home is often fitting as nature renews itself. A clean home can also add to a new sense of motivation with the rising temperatures and the general uplifting of spirits that often accompanies spring. But as we do our spring cleaning, sometimes the harsh chemicals in products hurt the environment. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some sustainable cleaning products that can keep your place sparkling, as well as the environment healthy and happy.


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This common pantry ingredient can be used for more than food. Vinegar, or white vinegar, is one of the most versatile natural cleaning solutions available. For many kitchen and bathroom surfaces, a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water is a perfect solution. To clean wooden surfaces, a mix of vinegar and olive oil will restore and clean furniture.


Based in Minneapolis, Caldrea is focused on making healthy and responsible cleaning products for consumers with enticing natural scents. The website’s ingredients glossary helps consumers know and understand exactly what is in their cleaning products. Some scents include Basil Blue Sage, Lavender Pine, and Pear Blossom Agave.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

From the same owner as Caldrea comes Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, which was inspired by the owner’s mother. These products are more focused on scents directly from the garden, such as mint, lilac, and lavender. The products are made of essential oils and plant-based ingredients, and the recyclable packaging uses 25-percent post-consumer plastic as well. 

Baking Soda


Another useful pantry ingredient, known for its cleaning power, is baking soda. Although it’s not as versatile as vinegar, it can be used for more specific uses such as de-clogging, absorbing odors, scrubbing mildew, and many other things. Just make sure not to confuse it with baking powder.

Restore Natural


Restore Natural sells all kinds of cleaning products, from all purpose cleaner to dish soap. The entire line of products is concentrated and non-toxic, and created from biodegradable ingredients such as corn, soy, and orange.


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