Starting Fresh With NEAT Method

Lauren Alsup, owner of NEAT Method Minnesota, offers her expertise for organizing and decluttering interior spaces for the new year

Photos courtesy of NEAT Method Minnesota

With the new year comes pressure to start off on the right foot, which can oftentimes be intimidating—especially when it comes to interiors. With Christmas comes clutter—it’s inevitable. But luckily, there are professionals to assist with organizing your home so you can set the stage for a stress-free start to the year.

NEAT Method was founded in 2010 in San Francisco, but now has branches across the U.S. and Canada. “I started with NEAT Method almost seven years ago and was brought into the industry due to my love of design and organization,” says Lauren Alsup, owner of NEAT Method Minnesota. Throughout her previous career in technology and startups, Alsup saw dysfunction when an organizational flow was not achieved. She says, “After witnessing first-hand how my own home felt so much better with organization, I knew that providing this service to others was something I wanted to do.”

NEAT Method Minnesota works on home organizing, moves and relocations, and everything in between, but closet organization happens to be Alsup’s favorite. “They’re my favorite [because] they are a space our clients see daily and a space most clients say gives them the most angst for physical and mental peace,” she explains. However, for the new year, she recommends starting with pantries, mudrooms, and kids’ play spaces.


Dig into the pantry, remove anything expired (or expiring soon that you know you will not use), and wash out/refill any canister items. We often see clients stocking pantry items for a specific recipe that never gets made. If you don’t find yourself utilizing those ingredients in the future, get them out! (As a reminder, any nonexpired foods can be donated to local food banks.) -LA


For most of the country—specifically the Midwest—winter comes with all kinds of accessories. Now is a good time to make sure you have matching mittens, boots fit for the kiddos, and handwarmers aren’t expired. While you’re at it, check all the past summer items to make sure sunscreens will last until summer and any nonwinter items are put up to leave the prime real-estate for in-season items. -LA

Play Spaces

Since Santa visited not too long ago for a lot of kids, doing a toy edit now is the perfect time for the older, not-as-well-loved toys to go. Anything that’s donatable can be given back to the community. Don’t forget to look for local organizations who accept used kids’ toys! -LA

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