Spacious Living for an Accessible and Accommodating Home

Sleek, functional Room & Board furnishings and thoughtful design transform a modest home

Photos courtesy of The Brand Guild

Jean Sazevich and Dave Hedlund

As soon as Kelly Allen talked with Jean Sazevich and Dave Hedlund, she was smitten. A former design associate with Room & Board and principal of Kelly Allen Design, Allen found the couple had “larger-than-life personalities” and were “beautiful people inside and out.” She says, “I was very drawn to their energy and wanted to work with them immediately.”

With Allen’s guidance, Sazevich, a philanthropy consultant, and Hedlund, who recently retired, refurnished their home to open spaces, elevate functionality, and provide increased comfort for daily living and entertaining. The goal, Allen says, was “to make sure their lives weren’t limited by Dave being in a wheelchair.”

The first thing Hedlund requested was a place to sit at the front window. Allen replied, “I have the table for you.” She sourced a solid pedestal table with a stone top that has become the center of the couple’s lives. Hedlund can safely lean on it while doing yoga; the couple enjoys wine at it before dinner; they play games and dye Easter eggs with family there; and Sazevich uses it as a workspace. Allen also replaced the couple’s “clunky furniture,” Sazevich says, with a pedestal dining table Hedlund can easily slide his chair under, a wall sconce reaching over 4 feet, and a sleek bookcase with lower cabinets and a pull-down desktop Hedlund uses while Sazevich stores her things in the upper shelves.

A custom gallery wall incorporates touches of personality in the living room, and a sleek floor lamp remains tucked away near the sofa to create additional floor space.

“The idea was to keep floor space open and pathways clear,” Allen says. One floor lamp has a narrow stem that tucks up close to the sofa, and there are no coffee tables or rugs. “Room & Board’s sleek modern furnishings made the redo easy, but the house doesn’t look under-furnished and still has a warm feel.” A gallery wall features artwork and photography “of places we’ve been and things we’ve enjoyed,” says Sazevich, along with a painting commissioned from Kimberly Tschida Petters. Allen also helped the couple select tile and finishes for the kitchen renovation, and advised on the custom cabinetry. “The cantilevered cutting boards, easy-glide drawers, and custom workspaces allow me to be independent in the kitchen,” says Hedlund. Tile for the custom backsplash came from Clay Squared to Infinity.

The couple finished redoing their 1941 home in 2022. “The comfort and beauty of the space make us want to entertain,” says Hedlund. And they do—not only around the front window table but also on the remodeled back patio. “They’re such delightful people … they made the project fun,” says Allen. “One day, I pulled up and Jean was standing at the front door singing [because] she was so excited for me to arrive. I love designing spaces unique to the people living there. Dave had a specific need, and together, we elevated his and Jean’s daily living experience.”

Meet Sazevich and Hedlund in this Room & Board video.


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