Sculpture in the Mill District by Trellage-Ferrill Studio Named to the 2021 CODAawards Top 100

The sculptural installation, titled “Sift,” consists of bronzed and stainless metallic squares that hang from 100-foot strands of stainless cable

Photos courtesy of Shawn Trentlage

Minneapolis artists Shawn Trentlage and Darcy Ferrill, of Trellage-Ferrill Studio, a glass- and metal-arts studio that also works in architectural design, was recently named to the 2021 CODAawards Top 100 for an ethereal sculpture they created for Canopy, a Hilton hotel in Minneapolis’ Mill District.

Canopy by Hilton Minneapolis, a conversion of the historic Advance Thresher/Emerson-Newton building from office to hotel by DLR Group.

The sculptural installation, titled “Sift,” consists of hundreds of 100-foot strands of stainless cable on which are hung bronzed and stainless metallic squares. Installed in the lobby of the former Advance Thresher/Emerson-Newton building, the piece evokes the images of flour falling from a sifter in homage to Minneapolis’ historic flour-milling industry. The building was recently converted to a hotel by DLR Group. Built in 1900 and 1904, the Advance Thresher building has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1977.

The sculpture floats lightly in direct contrast to the building’s brick and timber interior. “The collaboration between our studio and the designers at DLR was ideal,” Trentlage and Ferrill wrote in their submission to the 2021 CODAawards. “They had this early vision of simple elements falling through the new atrium space they were developing within the Thresher Building. We took that concept and ran with it, developing a series of elements that are elegant and significant without overwhelming the space.”

Being named to the CODAawards Top 100, says Shawn Trentlage, “gave us a great boost in energy toward our new projects,” which include a series of sculptures for a new hotel brand by Hilton called Motto. “We’ve been doing sculptural installations for 20 years, so receiving the CODAawards Top 100 recognition rejuvenated us and confirmed that we’re doing good work.”

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