Ruby + Suede Launches New Design Studio

After more than a decade as part of Highmark Builders, the interior designers at the company have rebranded as their own studio, Ruby + Suede. “We had so many requests from people wanting our design services, but didn’t want to necessarily go through Highmark,” explains Kristen Schammel, Senior Interior Designer, Ruby + Suede.

At the same time, the rebranding introduces Ruby + Suede to potential clients, who weren’t aware of the full-service interior design firm. “We’ve always been open to anyone wanting our expertise, but so many people weren’t aware that we were available to them,” Schammel adds. “Now, people know that our services are open to anyone.”

The “Ruby” in the name was chosen to appeal to those wanting a feminine touch and a bit of glam in their homes. “Suede” attracts male clients, while alluding to texture and warmth. “We’ve working in a range of aesthetics, from uber-modern to super-traditional farmhouse,” Schammel says.

A current Minnesota project is for adult twin brothers, who are building side-by-side house through Highmark. “Each has his own design style,” Schammel explains, “so we paired each brother with a different designer. One has a passion for cooking; the other is into cars. Our goal is to create homes for them that reflect their personalities.”

Ruby + Suede, which is still located, but as its own studio, within Highmark headquarters, is currently working on numerous new construction, remodeling, and home furnishing projects. “Our passion is changing people’s homes and making it a retreat for them. That’s why we do this.”

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