Room & Board B Corp Certification

Eco-conscious initiatives drive positive change in the world of furniture

Photos courtesy of Room & Board  

Since its founding in 1980, Minnesota-based Room & Board has consistently prioritized a sustainable approach, emphasizing quality, sourcing, and materials. Recently, this commitment was recognized by B Lab—a nonprofit network that works to transform the global economy and benefit both people and the planet—in the form of B Corp Certification, a credential that underscores the company’s high standards in social and environmental performance.

As a newly certified B Corporation, Room & Board is now part of a global community focused on promoting positive change in both the environment and society. “Since the beginning, Room & Board has considered both people and the planet alongside profit,” says John Gabbert, founder and CEO of Room & Board. “Becoming a B Corp was a natural next step for our company.”

Room & Board’s core philosophy centers on ensuring consumers understand where products are made and what materials are used, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions. With sustainability at the forefront of its mission, the company aims to readily provide information that gives customers peace of mind, assuring their furnishings will stand the test of time. The company’s dedication to environmental initiatives is demonstrated through its membership on the Sustainable Furnishings Council, support of environment-focused nonprofits, and development of urban wood supply chains.

In 2022, Room & Board made significant strides toward a green business model. Director of Sustainability Emily McGarvey now leads a dedicated sustainability team, which has successfully sourced 85% of wood sustainably, reached 70% renewable electricity usage in operations, and contributed 2% of profits to nonprofits nationwide. Currently, the team is working toward ambitious goals for 2030, including 100% renewable electricity, 100% recyclable packaging, 100% sustainably sourced wood—setting the foundation for constructive change in the next decade.

Lindsey Wilson, associate director of growth at B Lab U.S. & Canada, says, “The furniture industry’s impact on workers, customers, local communities, and the environment is significant, making it all the more important for companies like Room & Board to certify and play a part in transforming the global economy. We’re pleased to have Room & Board join the B Corp movement.”

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