Puustelli USA Brings Nature Indoors with New Rosemary and Sage Cabinetry

Finnish cabinet company Puustelli USA releases nature-inspired cabinetry options for the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond

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The Finnish cabinet company Puustelli “operates responsibly with every cell, with a focus on employment and the well-being of people and the environment,” according to its website. Its cabinets are free of heavy metals, use formaldehyde-free glues (when glues are used), and are manufactured with solid wood and veneered products with natural oils or water-borne stains and lacquers.

The company, in many senses, practices biophilic design, which “seeks to satisfy our innate need to affiliate with nature in modern buildings and cities,” according to this article in Metropolis. “Thus, the fundamental goal of biophilic design is to create good habitat for people as biological organisms inhabiting modern structures, landscapes, and communities.”

Now, the company’s stateside affiliate, Puustelli USA, headquartered in The District Edina, is taking the concept of biophilia a step further. The sustainable cabinet company is introducing two cabinet door colors designed to bring nature into the home: rosemary and sage. In other words, the only nontoxic kitchen cabinetry provider using biocomposite frames and materials that are 100-percent recyclable and reusable has added an optics element that’s literally “green.”

“In kitchen design and materials, we often think of the Scandinavian style in birch or light wood tones with wood grain visible,” says Bianca Hutton, certified Puustelli USA designer. “Designers have done the natural look, and the shiny black and gray and stark white kitchens. Now, we’re beginning to think of kitchens as a place to showcase creativity with color and wallpaper—and by bringing in nature.”

“Puustelli USA’s new rosemary and sage speak to a variation of green within nature that’s not obvious, like moss green or pine green,” Hutton continues. “Both have tones of gray within them. They’re meant to be calming and not necessarily a focal point. They’re meant to create a peaceful setting.”

Hutton recommends pairing cabinet doors in rosemary or sage with white countertops, or walls in arctic white or light birch. “Combined with gold, bronze, or brass hardware accents, these colors truly make for a statement kitchen design,” she adds. Hutton’s dream home office, in fact, is “sage cabinetry with a gleaming white desk and gold accents everywhere.” Regardless of how a designer or homeowner incorporates these new colors into the home, tranquility is sure to follow.

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