Prairie Land Rugs: A Collaboration Between Navab Brothers and Bob Hest

A new line of made-to-order, hand-knotted, customizable rugs

A painting of a boat in a sea.

Courtesy of Bob Hest and Navab Brothers

Catch the 5 W’s of the Navab Brothers’ new line of small town-inspired Prairie Land Rugs.


Dynamic duo Far and Sam Navab, the owners (and brothers) of their namesake Navab Brothers Oriental Rug Co., joined creative forces with local artist, painter, and Twin Cities personality Bob Hest and rug designer Blair Bender.


A new line of made-to-order, hand-knotted rugs available in any size, any dimension, and designed in-house. The commissioned rugs are based off Hest’s bold, contemporary paintings. From ballerinas to bulls and hares to horses these India-made, customizable textiles are sure to make a lasting impression.


Whenever you’re ready. These rugs were released earlier in 2018.


Navab Brothers Oriental Rug Company is located on Excelsior Boulevard in Minneapolis/St. Louis Park. Their showroom, home to a curated collection of contemporary, traditional, vintage and transitional rugs, is open Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The paintings recall the 1950’s memories and experiences of Hest growing up in Hawley. They’re inspired by never-ending stretches of farmland, warmth and security of his family life, and the welcoming memories his childhood provides. In collaboration with Navab Brothers, the result became a unique and high-quality collection of rugs that provides a one-of-a-kind, small town-inspired product for clientele in the Midwest and around the globe.

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