Picture-Perfect Pet Furniture

Modern pet furniture encourages effortless style integration for animals and their owners

Photo courtesy Adobe Stock/sweetlaniko

Those with furry family friends know the struggle of trying to integrate functional-yet-chic pet accessories into a space. For so long, these pieces lacked intention in their design, failing to think of the pet owner in partnership with the pet. This has led many pet parents to believe they must sacrifice style for function. Luckily, there are a multitude of brands taking this issue into consideration—ensuring the design is both pleasing to the pet and pleasing to the eye. These products prove that seamless incorporation of modern-style pet furniture is now possible without disrupting a cohesive home design.

Tuft + Paw
It all started with a cat owner in need of more quality furniture products for his cat. Tuft + Paw carries a large variety of pet accessories and modern cat furniture, including litter boxes, climbing trees, scratching posts, beds, and more. With the belief that cats deserve the same quality of life as their owners, Tuft + Paw is dedicated to making products that raise the bar for what the standard of pet furniture should be.

LAY LO’s mission is to create beds that are better for dogs—and better for homes. The New York-based company offers many different options for versatile design, making the shopping experience a personalized one. Such designs include dig-proof durability, orthopedic comfort, or soft and breathable. From there, you can choose the bed or bed cover design that suits your home best. The machine-washable, versatile collection is made with longevity in mind, making it the perfect option for dogs of any age or size.

White Rain Dog Bed by LAY LO

Photo by Bree McCool

Appealing to both cats and dogs, MADE specializes in pet furniture to match modern interior styles, offering cat and dog beds, sofas, and bowls that seamlessly blend comfort with flair. The idea behind MADE’s mission is collaboration—working with independent designers to create innovative products. Combine this with high-caliber designs, and it’s easy to see MADE’s unmatched quality.

Akila by MADE

Photo provided by MADE

Mau Pets
Mau Pets lives and breathes its mantra: “Our pets aren’t just animals—they’re family members.” This sustainable brand creates human-grade products that look beautiful in a home and make cats happy. Mau Pets provides a variety of cat furniture, ranging from cat trees to cat caves, and features a myriad of unique styles, made with different materials and abstract designs.

Fully designed by cat lovers, Furmia strives to create stylish pieces that support cat needs in tandem with style. To develop its line of cat furniture, modern furniture designers are at the helm, while pieces are approved by cat behavior specialists. Furmia truly believes that a cat’s happiness is the most important thing to consider when crafting cat furniture—and it found a way to support that notion without sacrificing elegance.

Wall Mounted Cat Hammock by Furmia

Photo provided by Furmia

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