New Year, New Home

Check out our top 10 tips to make 2019 the year you (and your home) have been waiting for.

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As we welcome in the new year, we simultaneously welcome in the opportunity to make the home we’ve always wanted, well, our home. We’ve pulled together our top 10 tips to make sure 2019 is the year you (and your favorite space) have been waiting for.

1. Create a budget.

Dreams are just dreams until you have a plan in place to make them reality. Take a peek at your finances, determine where there’s some give-and-take, and set aside the cash to make your plans possible.

2. Make a plan.

We all know how it goes. You’ll make a plan eventually and figure it all out later, right? But before we know it, “later” ends up looking like “never.”

If you have specific 2019 goals for your home, write them down, divvy them up, and make a game plan to execute. Not later, but now—before the year gets rolling.

3. Get rid of the clutter.

Decluttering shows what’s actually important to you. Don’t use it? Donate. Don’t like it? Say goodbye. Don’t want it? See you never.

4. Try a new trend.

If you haven’t heard, 2019 has plenty. Explore patterned tile, bold designs, dark color palettes, fringe and tassels, and Pantone’s Color of The Year: Living Coral.

5. Set the tone.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room—it can transform the energy, brighten the space, and change the atmosphere. But before you start throwing your favorite shade on the walls, try out Sherwin William’s ColorSnap Visualizer app. It uses augmented reality to test your color of choice in real time, you know, before it’s a little more permanent.

6. Shop local makers.

With retail stores popping up across the state, you have more options to shop Minnesota makers than ever before. We love Rose and Loon, Fourpost, and Piccadilly Prairie.

7. Discover a new artist.

The best art makes for the best home, so broaden your horizons and discover a new artist to decorate your walls. We recommend someone like Ken Reif—an Illinois-based oil painter with a passion for nature and process unlike any other.

8. Try a new class.

New to the world of remodels and renovations? No problem. Castle Building and Remodeling offers weekly how-to classes for your kitchen, 1/2 story, bathroom, and more.

Minnesota also has DIY studios dotted across the metro. Next time you’re looking for something fun to do, head to Hopkins and make a blanket ladder or custom cutting board with Projects in Person.

9. Shop a new store.

How many times have you driven past that adorable new shop on the corner but still haven’t checked it out? Not this year. Park the car and take a peek inside.

10. Go green.

Experiment with perennials like Coreopsis and Heuchera, or take a chance on all the plants, flowers, and veggies you’ve always wanted to try. (But speaking of going green, recycling and protecting our environment is always a trend we’re on board for, too.)

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