New Heat & Glo Fireplace Redefines Realism

The Inception series re-creates wood flame with electric technology

Photos courtesy of Hearth & Home Technologies

With the onset of autumn weather, who doesn’t dream of a crackling fireplace? However, wood burning has become increasingly problematic, in part due to the particulates and smoke it releases into the air. To replicate the sight of a “real” wood burning fire, Heat & Glo has innovated the new Simplifire Inception Electric Fireplace. With its realistic flames, made possible through Digital Spark technology, the fireplace introduces a unique sense of genuine fire into dens, bedrooms, offices, and other living spaces. “There [has] never been a better time for homeowners and designers to go electric with their fire features,” says Spencer Hill, fireplace expert at Hearth & Home Technologies.

The Inception is a modern, energy-efficient fireplace model with realistic logs, a LED ember bed, accent lighting, and a 36-inch viewing area that provides a realistic flame. The fireplace pairs Digital Spark technology with seamless control of the flame brightness via the IntelliFire app or voice command with smart speaker. It’s also easy to install (no venting required) and is compatible with the Wescott Mantel Kit, which offers another way to install the fireplace without traditional structural needs.

In addition to easy installation, low maintenance, and energy efficiency, the Inception fireplace introduces a “flame technology that now gives homeowners even more reason to make this an attractive focal point for their home,” Hill says. “By creating the most authentic experience possible, we feel more homeowners will be warming up to adding electric fireplaces to new home construction and remodel projects.”

The fireplace can be used all year long, as the heat levels—down to zero—are adjustable. An array of fireplace fronts is also available, from classic and traditional styles to more sleek and modern designs. The Inception’s slim profile makes it easy to integrate into any room. Here’s an article for more information on electric fireplaces.

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