Nature & Wildlife Call Artist Matthew Krousey to Ceramic Arts

Matthew Krousey’s ceramic art includes practical mugs, trays, jars, and vases—all inspired by the wildlife surrounding his Harris home

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Matthew Krousey

Matthew Krousey’s ceramic work is inspired by the wildlife and fauna he sees every day around the woods of his Harris home and studio. His signature stoneware pieces use ash glazes as their main ingredient, which comes from the very landscape he draws his inspiration from. Works include practical mugs, trays, jars, and vases. (Perhaps you’ve seen his work at Mill City Farmers Market or have been lucky enough to visit his studio retreat for his fall pottery sale.)

Born and raised in central Minnesota, he is an artist and teacher, but his world experiences have included active duty in Kuwait and Iraq to support Operation Iraqi Freedom as a member of the Minnesota National Guard. He has also taught clay to veterans.

In 2018, he was awarded an Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. Krousey muses, “My hope is that the daily use of my pots will be a gentle reminder to the public of the vanishing natural world around us.” His time in the military and dedication to this place we call home reminds us to protect the land and all who live here—from the two-legged to the winged.

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