Minnesota Makers: Erik Wyckoff

All of your woodworking needs in one place
A portrait of Erik Wyckoff in his woodworking shop.
(Courtesy Erik Wyckoff)

In a South Minneapolis woodshop wielding hand tools that have been used for centuries, master woodcarver Erik Wyckoff crafts Old World-style doors, range hoods, vanities, mantles, wine cellars, wall plaques, and more. Woodcarving, like no other medium, can be both photorealistic and/or pure fantasy. There is a sophistication to the work that is born of nature and sculpted with simple tools. Much of Erik’s work is commissioned. He has designed and carved in many styles from classical to modern and specializes in works for wine aficionados.

A wine cellar made entirely of wood by Erik Wyckoff.
(Courtesy Erik Wyckoff)

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