Martha O’Hara Interiors’ Creative Storage Solutions

Senior Designers at Martha O’Hara Interiors share their top storage secrets from a West Fargo kitchen project

Photos by Spacecrafting

Martha O’Hara Interiors is known for pushing the envelope, designing classic, yet current spaces across the Twin Cities and beyond our borders to states like Texas and neighboring North Dakota. In fact, in collaboration with Tomlinson Schultz and Craftwell Architecture + Construction, Senior Designers Gabe Lindberg and Emily Anderson recently wrapped up this West Fargo project, which features an impressive number of kitchen “hidden gems” worth considering for your next remodel or build. Here, the two designers spill all about the space’s most impressive storage secrets.

Back Kitchen

Having a separate, yet nearby pantry with plenty of drawers is a fantastic feature to consider if you have the space, Anderson continues. This specific pantry also acts as a pass-through (making it dual-purposed), and its proximity to the garage/side entry also helps with carrying in those large loads from the grocery store. “This homeowner has two young boys, so being able to store all their snacks in drawers at their level makes her life easier,” Anderson says. “They can run in and grab a snack on their own, and the clutter can stay there—not in the main kitchen. This pantry also includes another sink, dishwasher, and wall oven. Being able to do your prep work and cooking in here while hosting is key, and it keeps the mess out of sight.”

Cabinetry Partition

Created to store kitchen/dining supplies, serve as a separation between the kitchen and dining rooms, and display food for get-togethers with family and friends during holidays and gatherings, this cabinetry wall achieves all of the above without having to actually use a full wall or the island, Anderson says. “If your kitchen isn’t big enough for two islands, this is a great compromise,” she adds. “You get the added storage and the separation without the footprint of an island. It’s also less expensive. The smaller size and wood countertop help keep the costs down.”

Although the waterfall-edge style of the white oak cabinetry might be trendy, the actual storage solution itself is lesser known, she says. “Who doesn’t want more storage in their kitchen? No need to run downstairs to get the Christmas plates—they are right there, ready to grab.”

Paneled Fridge and Freezer

A paneled fridge and freezer on the cooktop wall create symmetry and allow the largest appliances in the kitchen to blend seamlessly with the cabinetry rather than creating a focal point, explains Lindberg. “It helps to incorporate the appliances with the cabinetry, letting other things be the focal point—like a beautiful hood or backsplash,” she adds. “Having a separate fridge and freezer (when the size of the kitchen allows) helps with hosting large parties and, in our example, helps to create a focal wall with perfect symmetry.”

Beverage Wall

Go above and beyond with not only a beverage station but also a beverage wall—perfect for extra storage and keeping kids and extra bodies out of the main kitchen zone. “We created a section of the kitchen [to be] a beverage station that includes a hidden ice maker and beverage fridge,” says Lindberg. “Again, the beverage fridge and ice maker mirror each other on the wall, creating a symmetrical cabinet layout.”

Glass-Front Display Cabinets

“Nobody wants a standalone hutch anymore, and not many people have their mother’s china to display,” says Anderson, who adds that having a small spot to show off special family pieces always gives a nice welcoming feel to the home. “This built-in cabinetry with glass uppers gives the homeowner just enough display space for her treasured items, and the drawers below are a great storage space for her overflow items.”

Function, but what about flair? Anderson and Lindberg designed the reeded wood detail on the cabinet, which creates a unique look while also making it feel more like a furniture piece instead of just another built-in. “We also went with different hardware for the same reasons,” she says.

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