Magic Mirror on the Wall

Mirrored tiles create an entirely reflective, floor-to-ceiling result.

A bathroom with mirrored tiles, white sink and wall sconce light.
Mirrored tiles lend elegance and create the illusion of a larger space (Andrea Rugg)

For the powder room of this Victorian home (see page 68), interior designer Jacqueline Fortier chose to forgo a traditional mirror in favor of a wall of porcelain mirror tiles from Ann Sacks, creating an entirely reflective, floor-to-ceiling mirror result. Not only was this a perfect way to make a relatively small room feel more spacious, but the smooth surface and metallic effect of the tiles also complemented the marble-topped sink and polished veneer of the wall sconces to create a truly stunning statement. “The tile actually has an antiqued aging quality to it so it’s not an ‘in-your-face’ type of mirror,” explains Fortier, “which was fine because it’s not going to be used to put your makeup on or get ready in the morning.” To get the exact effect she wanted, Fortier combined two different finishes—one with a warmer cast, one with a slightly cooler cast—to create a unique, somewhat dappled effect.

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