Life in Color 2019

Midwest Home and ASID-MN team up to present the winners of a colorful design competition

2019 Jury

Splashes of vibrant green create a modern take on a traditional blue-and-white nautical color palette in this lakeside home, designed by K2 Interior Designs. Photo by Spacecrafting

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” the innovative artist Pablo Picasso once said. Long linked with emotional states, color has been proven to make an impact on our world, from influencing architecture and interior design to fashion and marketing strategies. Pastels calm and soothe, while vivid hues stimulate and deep, rich shades promote reflection. Reds, oranges, and yellows lend warmth to a space and can create comfort as well as excitement, while blues, greens, and violets evoke serenity.

But with a rainbow of colors and seemingly endless options when it comes to hues, tints, tones, and shades, picking that perfect color for your walls can be intimidating, to say the least. Thus, many of us end up opting for neutrals like beiges, greiges, grays, and whites to avoid potential regret later. While you can always add the famous “pops of color” into your space through décor elements that can easily be swapped out throughout the seasons, there’s also something to be said about committing to a color statement, whether that takes the form of bold wallpaper, a striking sofa, or a vibrant wall covering.

If you’re still feeling hesitant about that panel of paper, local interior designers have reported more and more clients requesting color, particularly in smaller spaces such as entryways, powder rooms, mudrooms, or even single accent walls that highlight a bright shade or eye-catching wallpaper. For example, take a peek at the ladies’ library below, which features enameled paneled walls painted a cheerful aqua.

In this feature, local ASID-MN interior designers show off their most colorful projects, which range from a contemporary take on bold blue hues for a Lake Minnetonka home all the way to a golden-hued guest bedroom in La Quinta, California. These designers, well-versed in color theory, understand how to best use color to create both the look and feel their clients desire in their spaces.

The Lake Minnetonka home pictured here and designed to extend its interiors to the nearby lake, is accented with pops of vivid greens that break up and wake up the space. Yet every color is versatile. In the living areas of the condo designed by LiLu Interiors, green takes on a softer, more subtle quality to promote a sense of peaceful, garden-like serenity. The ever-popular hue makes an appearance yet again in the elegant floral wallpaper and geometric-patterned armchairs in Eminent Interior Design‘s dining room, which contrasts the springy shade with rich royal blue chairs and unexpected splashes of bright pink in the room’s textiles.

With so many different ways to show off your personality in your home, don’t choose to live in a beige world—take a chance and add some color to your life.


Kristen Koroloff, K2 Interior Designs

Photo by Spacecrafting

With the shores of Lake Minnetonka steps away, the owners wanted their space to connect to the beautiful water views and large patio just outside their doors. To achieve their goals, the designer put a modern spin on the traditional nautical theme, taking the quintessential color palette of navy and white and adding in pops of green, stylish patterns, and unexpected artwork to create a fresh, bright space. Grass cloth on the back of the built-in bookshelves and rattan-and-bentwood side tables add additional texture to the room.


Lisa Peck, LiLu Interiors

The owners of this condo, a globe-trotting Minneapolis couple with an extensive collection of unique art, had developed a love of Claude Monet’s gardens in France, and wanted their revamped space to feel similarly tranquil. Using green as a neutral base, the designer added in patches of vibrant colors reminiscent of the flowers found in a garden. Furniture with soft, organic curves and sheer drapes that help diffuse the natural light add to the peaceful serenity of the space.


Amy Haglin, Amy E. Haglin Interior Design

Photo by Kory Kevin Reckinger

With an intention to create a light, airy space where the owner could retreat and relax in, the designer used a cheerful aqua hue to brighten the existing dark woodwork, carrying the color up onto the beams of the ceiling in this colorful ladies’ library. The drapery fabric, which features hot air balloons in vibrant pink, purple, orange, and green shades, added to the color scheme of the space and sparked inspiration for the fabric used on the custom barrel-back Bergére armchairs.


Brandi Hagen, Eminent Interior Design

Photo by Spacecrafting

With a goal of creating a formal-yet-fun dining room for clients who embraced a playful use of color and bold design choices, the designer used an antique oriental rug with a vibrant color palette as the inspiration for the remainder of the space. The rich blue and bright pink shades are repeated in the royal blue velvet chairs and colorful print on the pillows, while green-and-white armchairs balance out the addition of a beautiful floral wallpaper.


Kimberly Tucker, Tucker Thomas Interior Design

In this remodeled farmhouse, classic elements are accented by careful selections of color. The kitchen island and mudroom cabinetry are painted a dreamy blue-gray mix with a touch of periwinkle, and the cement tiles on the floor add complementary color and pattern. Coral stools and window treatments featuring a playful mix of yellows, corals, and fresh greens add light and life to the space.


Sharon Clasen, Insite Interiors

Photo by Troy Thies

With large glass doors that recess into the walls, the designer wanted the color scheme of this California guest room to melt into the desert landscape outside. Gold accents and a wall of faux grass cloth in a citron hue highlight the sunshine that pours into the space, with multicolored pillows adding the needed punch of color. The shiny white patent vinyl bed, black nightstands, and crystal and gold lamps keep the space looking modern and crisp.

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