Kitchen Crazes We Can’t Help But Love

Studio M Kitchen & Bath Senior Designer Danielle Lardani shares the skinny on 2023 kitchen trends

Photo by Chelsie Lopez

Cladded/Plaster Range Hoods

Photo by Chelsie Lopez

“The range hood—once considered the focal point of the kitchen—is getting a make ‘under’ as designs shift from glamorous to cozy, minimal, and earthy,” Lardani says. “We’re seeing more boxy forms and monochromatic colors, sometimes even the same color as the wall. Texture can be added by cladding the hood with a matte textured product like porcelain or sintered stone.”

Less Upper Cabinetry

Photo by Spacecrafting

Ditch heavy wall cabinetry, and give your kitchen an airy, open feel. One way to achieve this lighter look? Consider floating shelves. “Shelving units can be attached to the wall, hang from the ceiling, or extend from the backsplash material,” Lardani says. “Homeowners can display a few everyday plates, bowls, and cups, or showcase some personality with collections or trinkets from abroad.”

More Wood Grain

Photo by Scott Amundson

“Many clients are warming up their space by choosing stained cabinetry again,” Lardani says. “Oak is back, and along with rift cut oak, we’re seeing a trend in tight, vertical-grained cabinet fronts. Natural finishes add subtle dimension and texture as well as an element of surprise when applied in fresh new ways, like a section of white oak open shelving within a wall of painted cabinetry.”

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