Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2018 Trends

(Courtesy Hestan)

It’s not every year, or even every other year, that true innovations are introduced at the national Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS). This year was special because several manufacturers introduced new products.

The KBIS and the International Builder’s Show (IBS) were held in giant convention halls next to each other in Orlando, Florida, and collectively drew more than 85,000 attendees. It’s hard to cover more than 1,500 manufacturers and suppliers booths in a few days, but I tried! Here are some of the highlights that I’m especially excited about:

Hestan’s Fastest Burner

Haven’t heard of Hestan? Well, certainly you’ve heard of the famed chef Thomas Keller. He creates some of his world-renowned cuisine on Hestan ranges. Heston has the fastest boil time in the industry. Its powerful gas Circuflame burner delivers up to 30,000 BTUs per minute for quick heat.

Looking for induction? Hestan offers 30-inch and 36-inch ranges. Looking for a whole suite of appliances? Hestan manufactures refrigerator, wine cooler, vent hood, and dishwasher lines as well. These beautiful stainless appliances are also offered in 12 colors. Check out the white. It’s on trend for 2018.

Kallista’s 3D Faucet: The Grid

It’s a marvel, and it’s the first time Kallista has developed a 3D faucet line. The Grid almost defies logic. How does the water run through that delicate framework?

Somehow it does and it’s mesmerizing to watch. This structure is absolute artistry, and the matte black finish is exactly in the moment as well. Watch for linear patterns and construction because it’s definitely a big trend for 2018.

Signature’s Built-In Sous Vide

Have you seen LG’s new line of premium appliances called Signature? I hadn’t either because Signature is in soft launch in the United States right now, but LG will soon bring the entire line to market. Absolutely brand new to the entire industry is LG’s built-in Sous Vide cooking element within their 48-inch range. Having a sous vide option built into a range is an industry first. For the uninitiated, sous vide is cooking at an exact temperature sometimes for a longer time period. Foods are vacuum-packed in bags to rest in a water bath. This will be one of the hot kitchen trends for the next few years.

Three sinks, each with a changeable apron by Elkay (blue, black and gold).
(Courtesy Elkay)

Elkay’s Changeable Apron front Sink

Sick of stainless? Then check out another industry first: Elkay’s farmhouse sink with changeable apron. The best part is that you can do it yourself: Swap out cobalt blue for gold or charcoal quartz (pictured below). There’s the traditional fireclay option as well. Why not make seasonal changes or follow current trends? It’s a designer’s dream.

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