JKath Design Build + Reinvent Launches Bath Vanity Collection

Katie Kath, partner and interior designer of JKath Design Build + Reinvent, provides an inside look into the inspiration behind the new collection

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After maintaining a cabinet shop for more than a decade, producing custom cabinet work for its renovation projects, JKath Design Build + Reinvent has launched its first bathroom vanity collection. Katie Kath, partner and interior designer, says the collection ”was born out of the idea to keep everything in-house for our clients. The need and inspiration arose as we were navigating larger projects and didn’t want to rely on outsourcing.”

The five different vanity styles are available in a variety of sizes and come in 10 finishes. The style is modern: frameless and inset. The cabinets do not come with countertops, plumbing or hardware, as “in talking with other designers and builders, we learned that they like to put together a final look.”

The vanity designs, adds Kath, were also derived from vanities designed for clients or her own home. “Everything came out of past projects and was a team effort,” she says. Launched just a few weeks ago, all of the collection’s sample kits have been sold outside of Minnesota. 

All the designs and fabrication, however, is done in Minnesota. “Over 18 months, we designed and crafted a high-quality vanity collection not available anywhere else online,” Kath explains. Currently, “we offer a four-to-six week lead time, which is pretty quick. We’re here to collaborate, to make things easier for our design friends and homeowners in our community.”

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