Jamie & Morgan Molitor of construction2style Are Anything But Ordinary

Jamie and Morgan Molitor’s journey through entrepreneurship, remodeling projects, and parenting is as awe-inspiring as their 1998 Elk River abode

Photos by Wing Ta

The Molitors pose for a portrait in their Elk River home, where the living room flaunts a dramatic wood slat fireplace surround.

Despite the disappointment that accompanied a layoff in 2011, carpenter Jamie Molitor’s ambition didn’t allow for downtime. Instead, he bought a bank-owned foreclosure in Andover with the sole intention to renovate and resell. His then-girlfriend/now-wife, Morgan, tagged along for the ride, documenting the process in blog-style fashion—not for income, business, or clout, per se—but for fun.

Little did they know his investment (and her spontaneity!) would springboard the inception of construction2style, the couple’s residential remodeling boutique that also offers DIY tutorials, courses, workshops, an online décor shop and, staying true to its roots, a family lifestyle blog.

Over the past decade, the pair has manifested all sorts of growth and genuine connections, made evident in the popularity of their business, brand partners they engage, and swelling size of their young family, recently made complete with the arrival of Ellie, born October 2020, who joined sons Beckam (4) and Greyson (6). In fact, the Molitors’ day-to-day triumphs and trip-ups are reflected in every facet of their brand: “We’re not just sharing remodeling photos every day,” Jamie says. “We’re also showing Beckam dumping cereal on the floor again. We’re showing our private life.”

Although the boys would rather spend their free time riding dirt bikes around the Elk River property, Jamie and Morgan prefer to stay inside, chipping away at personal remodeling projects within the 4,000-square-foot abode. “We always knew we were going to make it our own, but the reason we fell in love with it was the floor plan,” Morgan explains. “We also knew we would be able to move in right away and then remodel it slowly as we went.”

They tackled the main-floor bathroom first, and shortly after, the kitchen—which features a tile backsplash design from Mercury Mosaics. The living room was next, and there, renovations took nearly a year to knock out. Embellished with a charming gallery wall of family photos, the space’s main focal point is undoubtedly the wood slat fireplace surround awash in moody Tricorn Black. (After 55 hours of work, the DIY project proved to be a “we are never doing this again” type of undertaking.) “We do everything in our home like we’re the guinea pigs,” Jamie says. “We do—and use—things that maybe aren’t typical.”

A prime example is the duo’s most recent endeavor: a 25-by-35 sport court addition that delivers both amenities and amusements. The space features two access points with a balcony, trampoline, golf simulator, the potential for either a foam pit or rock wall, a custom mural that incorporates construction2style brand colors, and more. It, like every project the couple perfects, is broken down for the blog that started it all.

Among the designing, business-owning, parenting, and more, the couple manages to make do by following the guiding principle of “divide and conquer.” But when asked “How do you two not go crazy?”, their answer was as candid as could be: “We are crazy,” Morgan says, laughing. Perhaps—but for those like us who can’t get enough of their transparency, trendsetting designs, and toddler tales, we think that’s just fine.

Featuring a mural by Kara Roepke, the sport court has it all—including a trampoline and golf simulator.

Influencer: Morgan Molitor

What do you value in design? I value the people behind the brands we’re buying from. All the rugs in our house are from Kentucky Rose Designs. I fell in love with the aesthetic and color palettes, and [the owner and I] started to build a relationship. I value her story.

How do you describe your style? I always say we’re eclectic, but then I add ‘craftsman,’ too, because Jamie is a true craftsman.

What’s on the horizon? I really want a brick-and-mortar store. I have my eye on real estate in downtown Elk River. It has the cutest Main Street, but it doesn’t have a nice home décor store.

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