2022 Ideas to Steal: Surfaces

Whether smooth and shiny or textured and matte, be sure to select surfaces that are not only hardworking but also hard to look away from
Design by David Charlez Designs, photo by Landmark Photography

Slab It On

Although tile backsplashes are still uber in, large slabs of paneled marble and quartz are having the moment they deserve. Instead of a classic subway tile behind your range, consider coordinating with your island material. The white-and-gray veined marble installed throughout this to-die-for kitchen by David Charlez Designs is an excellent example of how to nail this up-and-coming trend.

Q&A: Mercedes Austin of Mercury Mosaics

What tile trends to do you expect to see in 2022?

Photo provided

We are expecting to see an increase in warm colors as well as unique color blends that add extra character to a space. One trend we are noticing with our clients is the desire to think outside of a monochromatic palette by mixing cool and warm hues together to create a dynamic blend. We love working one-on-one with clients to customize the color percentages, such as the Mid-Century Geo-Hex Backsplash, to make the blend truly their own. This helps create a beautiful focal point with tile while also supporting the aesthetic of the entire space.

Are there any particular tile shapes that are extra in-demand?

We are excited to see that people are gravitating toward our geometric designs. These patterns offer an innovative twist on classic shapes such as triangles, hexagons, diamonds, squares, and bricks. A popular favorite is our signature Geo-Hex pattern that combines our hexagon and diamond tiles. These patterns are completely customizable, and the design opportunities are endless.

Photo provided
Designed by Sustainable 9 Design + Build, Photo by Spacecrafting

Slim Picking

Over the years, we’ve seen an influx of creatively shaped tiles, but 2022 may just be the year of a new, thinner option. In this lower-level wet bar area, Sustainable 9 Design + Build took a traditional tile and made it tiny—creating a detailed, delicate design that speaks to modern families.

Designed by Zawadski Homes, Photo by Spacecrafting


Clear Contrast

Heavy grains, as seen in this high-contrast black-and-white vanity, can add a bout of bold beauty to bathrooms (like in this Zawadski Homes project) and beyond. For a similar look, opt for Cambria’s Bentley or Skara Brae quartz countertop designs. Head to Cambria’s showroom at International Market Square in Minneapolis to touch, see, feel, and experience these luxury materials before you buy.

Designed by John Kraemer & Sons, Photo by Spacecrafting

Making Space

For centuries, kitchens have been the hub of the home—a place to gather, enjoy another’s company, and cook to one’s delight. Having the ability (in both space and function) to do exactly that has grown increasingly crucial. Large workstations, multiple prep areas, and several sinks can take your kitchen work environment to impressive heights.

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