3 Tips for Hosting This Holiday Season

Before the party starts, consider these not-so-common ideas sure to make your soiree stand out

A dining table with a green and white holiday tablescape.It’s the most wonderful time of the year for hosting a party, but inviting family and friends to your home can be a bit stressful—especially if you’re not prepared. To ensure your party goes off without a hitch, here are some house prepping tips you may not have considered. Not only will your party be a success, but your guests will be impressed with your thoughtful attention to detail.

Party Flow

Your home may be set up for daily life with your family, but does it make sense for the party? Assess the current flow of your home. If the living room feels secluded from the kitchen and dining room, consider moving furniture to allow a more fluid flow between entertaining hotspots—allowing guests to mingle, snack, drink, and be comfortable. (Speaking of comfort, pay attention to the thermostat, too. Your house will be filled with warm bodies bundled up in sweaters and scarves soon!)

Impressive Tablescape

One of the easiest ways to impress your guests is to curate a beautiful tablescape for your dining table. There are endless possibilities (find inspiration from our Nov./Dec. issue’s cover story here) when it comes to creating a tablescape, but some of our favorites include natural elements—think pine cones, evergreen branches, candles, and ornaments.

Sip & Sample Station

One sign of a good party is what we like to call a sip and sample station. Party guests love sipping thirst-quenching libations (find some flavorful inspiration here) while nibbling on delectable bites. Cater to their desires by providing a bountiful sip and sample station complete with an assortment of different food and beverages.

Now that your home is clean, decorated, and ready for guests, it’s time to pick a soundtrack, plate the food, and pop open some bubbly. Happy hosting!

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