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Happy Place Interiors owner Melanie Zaelich offers free home styling advice during COVID-19 stay-at-home order
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Courtesy of Melanie Zaelich

The recent global pandemic has driven everyone indoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re homeschooling, working remotely, or simply binge-watching a new TV series—you’re likely spending almost all of your time at home. Now that you’re using your home a bit differently than you’re used to, you may find that certain rooms are adding to your stress rather than serving as a calming oasis. Or maybe you’re trying to curb your cabin fever by redecorating or organizing several rooms. Melanie Zaelich, home stylist and Happy Place Interiors owner, wants to help.

Her new Facebook Live series, called “Stay Happy at Home,” allows her to answer homeowners’ questions about home décor, organization, paint color, ideas for a home office, how to separate your day while staying in the house, maintain cleanliness, you name it. Zaelich hopes to go live on Facebook every day or every other day as long as she has questions to answer. “I got inspired by all of these other companies stepping up,” she says, referencing studios, museums, theaters and more that are offering free online activities to keep residents occupied during the pandemic. So, Zaelich found her own way to join the virtual world. “I thought it would be cool,” she says. “I work with so many different people with all different houses and budgets, but so many people have the same questions.”

Of course, many home projects could require additional tools, materials, or décor, but Zaelich encourages people to stay at home, so she’s focusing on projects and tips using items already found in your home or that can be purchased online.

To submit a question for Zaelich’s “Stay Happy at Home” Facebook Live series, email info@happyplaceinteriors.com. Then, watch for her Facebook Live videos on Happy Place Interiors Facebook page.

View her introduction to “Stay Happy at Home” below.

Ask me anything!Related to your home decorating, design, function or organizing.I’ll be answering questions via Facebook LIVE. For more information and sample questions: https://www.happyplaceinteriors.com/staying-happy-at-home-video-seriesPlease email a specific question and supporting photos to:Info@happyplaceinteriors.comSUBJECT: Staying Happy at Home QuestionWe’re all in this together!!!Let’s stay healthy and happy.

Posted by Happy Place Interiors on Saturday, March 21, 2020

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