Home Offices & Studies Embrace ‘Closed-Concept’ Living

Home offices and studies offer versatility for homeowners seeking dedicated spaces for work and relaxation

As homeowners are increasingly craving privacy and solace within their homes, trends are shifting away from expansive, open-concept layouts and toward more separate, intentional spaces. With this shift comes a renewed appreciation for the traditional home office or study—often portrayed in movies and TV shows as a both a workspace and escape for the hardworking business executive. What we’re seeing now is that these types of spaces are being crafted with multiple purposes in mind, with designs surrounding work, hobbies, and relaxation. Here, we explore four residential offices and studies designed by some of the Twin Cities’ industry pros.

Executive Elegance

Crafted by Codie Donahue Interior Design as a personal retreat for the homeowner, this dark and moody home office in St. Cloud exudes sophistication and authority. From the dark paneled walls to the Venetian hand-carved desk, each element speaks to the client’s refined taste. Rich leathers, bold fabrics, and a geometric hair-on-hide rug add warmth to the space, while a walk-up wet bar with custom gold leaf treatments and crocodile-wrapped cabinetry nod to the pleasures of success.

Fully Booked

This versatile home office by Martha O’Hara Interiors and Tomlinson Schultz was designed to cater to the dynamic needs of a modern family. Blending traditional library charm with contemporary amenities, the room boasts extensive built-ins that display the family’s cherished collection of books. Expansive picture windows bathe the space in natural light, while a wood-burning fireplace contributes to the cozy vibe. With organized furniture placement and dedicated areas for both business and leisure, the transition from work to relaxation is seamless.

Masculine Sophistication

Positioned strategically off the main foyer of an Orono home, this captivating study—designed by Davis Interiors and built by Norton Homes—leaves a lasting impression on all those who visit. The space is doused in a rich green hue, with antique and vintage accents infusing the space with character and personality. Vintage European trophy mounts, for example, juxtapose modern furnishings like the camel linen wingchair adorned with Schumacher’s iconic dragon pillow. Versatile features, including a convertible standing desk and gold halo light fixture, ensure both functionality and style.

Deephaven Dream

Dark cabinets, reeded wallpaper, and luxe leather chairs create a professional, yet inviting ambience in this thoughtfully design workspace—crafted by Mark D. Williams Custom Homes and Chirigos Designs. Even after the workday is done, the dark and cozy design beckons the homeowner to relax and unwind.

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