Holly Hunt’s New Blurred Lines Collection Stuns with Indoor/Outdoor Performance Fabrics

Visit the Holly Hunt showroom at International Market Square for dozens of luxurious fabrics and textiles that aim to “blur the lines” between indoors and out

Photos provided by Holly Hunt

We have crystal clear opinions about Holly Hunt’s new Blurred Lines collection—featuring dozens of luxurious performance fabrics and textiles that aim to “blur the lines” between indoors and out.

Available in seemingly endless colorways, patterns, and textures, the outdoor selections (largely designed for upholstery and drapery applications) are not only made with 100-percent solution dyed acrylic and suitable for unfavorable weather conditions, but they are also stain-repellant, able to be cleaned with bleach, resistant to mildew. The collection was designed in collaboration with Assemblage, an Arkansas-based company spearheaded by Christian and Heidi Batteau, whose geometric patterns and bespoke wall covering designs inspired the dozens of outdoor creations.

The indoor fabric options are equally appealing with stunning aesthetics and finishes. From velvet and linen to canvas and specialty blends, the textiles are created with top-of-the-line yarns at some of the best mills across the world—promising pillows, seat cushions, curtains, and more of the highest quality. The details are discerning, the textures are rich, and the opportunities are limitless with, according to a release, “archival couture designs, organic shapes, double-wide sheers, and a sublime cotton-velvet tortoise pattern.”

But don’t just sit here and read about them— see, feel, and truly experience the extraordinary performance fabrics in person at Holly Hunt’s showroom at Minneapolis’ International Market Square. 275 Market St., #234, Minneapolis, 612-332-1900, hollyhunt.com

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