Meet the Two Designers at the Helm of Haus of Rowe

Kate Adamcsek and Marcelle Timonen didn’t let the pandemic stop them from starting their new interior design firm

Photos by Shari Fleming Photography

Co-founders and principals of Haus and Rowe, Kate Adamcsek and Marcelle Timonen
Co-founders and principals of Haus of Rowe, Kate Adamcsek and Marcelle Timonen

Kate Adamcsek and Marcelle Timonen both say that the pandemic didn’t affect the July 2020 launch of their new residential and commercial interior design firm, Haus of Rowe. In fact, it’s what catalyzed the whole thing. The two met at Martha O’Hara Interiors—Adamcsek an employee of about seven years and Timonen joining the team in December 2019—but then COVID-related layoffs swept the nation.

“I was actually really devastated that we were laid off from Martha: Where am I going to go, what am I going to do?” Timonen says. “I had this concept in mind for about a year, though, and I reached out to Kate and asked her to join forces.”

Within a few months, the two created their brand, put together their website and social media accounts, and created a full menu of services including hourly consultation, availability to work on both remodel and new projects, and furnishing and styling options. Peruse their site, and you can see portfolio projects such as Timonen’s own mudroom, a contemporary but charming space with locker-style blue-gray cabinetry glammed up with gold cloverleaf screens and hardware. The black star-patterned tile adds more interest while still being functional, and a bit of its original 1910 farmhouse style is injected with a shiplap coat wall and a straw-colored woven accent rug.

On the commercial end of things, the Jerome Event Center was a building they worked on for the mayor of Delano, creating an atmosphere that exalted the building’s history while making it more modern. Exposed brick, hanging lights and chandeliers, and black tin wall detailing make for a beautiful great room. That chic storied feel continues throughout the building’s other rooms, even in the bathrooms, which feature floral sketch wallpaper in the ladies room and historic photograph wallpaper in the mens room, both above a half-wall of white brick tile and a wooden-base bar sink.

Among Haus of Rowe's portfolio is a mudroom project and the Jerome Event Center.
Among Haus of Rowe’s portfolio are a mudroom project and the Jerome Event Center in Delano.

With these two examples alone, you can see that the two are able to create timeless designs by emphasizing character. Timonen says, “Adding lots of really yummy textures and different patterns in the wallpaper and the finishes help bring everything together. Even though something has a lot of clean lines, that doesn’t mean it has to be cold and sterile; it can be welcoming and inviting.”

Both principal designers will work on each project, making sure every avenue is explored so that they can give the best recommendations to their clients. “Personally, I kind of like the more technical side of things, the architecture, but I think Marcelle is really good at the furniture, textures, all the finishing pieces,” Adamcsek says. (For her part, Timonen says Adamcsek helps ground her creative fancies.) Obviously, there will be some overlap of expertise—they both have years of experience in the field—but that can only make Haus of Rowe stronger.

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