Happy Place Interiors Launches Heartfelt Giving Program

Minneapolis interior design firm transforms lives through new designLOVE program

Photos by Spacecrafting  

Happy Place Interiors is ushering in 2024 with an inspiring initiative: designLOVE. This transformative giving program aims to make a difference for those facing personal hardships by creating spaces that not only boast aesthetic appeal but also serve as sanctuaries that foster hope, health, and happiness.

Through the new program, the firm offers no-cost interior design consultations for individuals navigating challenging circumstances, such as serious illness, job loss, or single parenthood. In an effort to foster connection, designLOVE encourages active involvement of family and friends in the design process, turning it into a collective effort that goes beyond aesthetics. Melanie Zaelich, owner of Happy Place Interiors, says, “With designLOVE, we offer our design expertise and encourage a collective effort from family and friends to execute the design plan, creating a space filled with warmth and support.” The belief is that a well-designed space, crafted with love and care, can serve as a powerful catalyst for positive change.

During a designLOVE consultation, the team at Happy Place Interiors will explore clients’ needs and develop comprehensive plans and recommendations based on lifestyles and circumstances. From simple changes like furniture arrangement and wall colors to more complex updates like aging-in-place additions or full home makeovers, the consultations are centered on the needs of the client.

Happy Place Interiors is now open to nominations from the community for individuals who could benefit from a professionally designed space. Nominations can be submitted for family, friends, or yourself on the company’s website.

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