Glass, Glass Baby: The Rise of Residential Glass Products

Andrew LeJeune of Minneapolis-based GlassArt Design shares how glass is transforming residential spaces

Photos courtesy of GlassArt Design  

High Point Market (HPM), held biannually in North Carolina, doubles as a crystal ball for home design trends, and last fall’s event put glass—cast glass, fused glass, slumped glass, hand-blown glass, and colored glass—at the center of several conversations. This piqued our interest, calling us to ask Andrew LeJeune, president of GlassArt Design, what’s really happening in the world of residential glass products. “The national uptick in interest for diverse glass applications [as seen at HPM] aligns with our firsthand observations, suggesting a broader trend in favor of these materials this year,” says LeJeune, who, below, offers more insight into what discerning Twin Cities homeowners are really asking for.

Custom Countertops

“Custom glass countertops are in the spotlight for their unique charm and sustainable makeup, using 100% recycled glass to offer endless color possibilities,” LeJeune says. “Color is in.”

Glass Railings

“Glass railings have surged in popularity for both their sleek appearance and functionality,” LeJeune says. “They not only provide safety but also allow uninterrupted views and light flow, making spaces feel more expansive and connected. This trend is particularly favored in modern home designs where maximizing natural light and maintaining open visuals are key.”

Metal Grids

“The metal grids, part of our GridLines collection, are sought after for enhancing both showers and home offices, balancing privacy with an airy openness,” he shares.

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