Gifts that Keep Giving

Treasures can be found across the state

Decorative hanging white ornaments.
(Andy Simon / Fotolia)

We all have that one person it seems impossible to find that perfect gift for. If you need a knickknack far more exclusive than something you could pick up at your local department store, look no further. Promising a bit of everything and guaranteeing a thoughtful touch, antique shops have your back.

Luckily, the Twin Cities is home to some of the very best around. Minneapolis boasts Flamingo’s Divine Finds while The Mall of St. Paul flaunts the unique vintage commodities of our capital city. A pink-clad palace of trinkets and treasures, Flamingo’s features a funky collection of retro, rustic, and everything in between. The Mall, with items dating back to 1880, has giftable goods like tableware, toys, and typewriters.

Head east to Stillwater and you’ll come across the largest antique mall in the Midwest: Midtown Antiques, which offers wares from more than 65 vendors across three floors.

Finally, the recently-opened Minnesota Rust, located to the far west in McIntosh, changes up the age-old assumption that “antique” is synonymous with “old-looking.” By rescuing, reusing, and repurposing upscale vintage items, their refurnished pieces blend flawlessly with the contemporary home décor you already own and love. They’ll be sure to have something that will land you a permanent spot on the “nice” list.

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