Get Your Wellness On With Minny & Paul Gift Sets

Minny & Paul’s health and wellness products set the tone for a calm, stress-free week—for anyone in your life who needs it.
All images courtesy Minny & Paul.

If you’ve caught yourself wishing for more time to finish your never-ending to-do list, a more effective way to manage your stress, or an extra day off to take care of “you,” you already know you’re not alone. You hear it from your friends, you hear it from your colleagues, and you definitely hear it inside your own head.

Minny & Paul hear it, too—loud and clear—and they’re prepared to lift the burden with their health- and wellness- focused gift sets. The Minneapolis-based business, founded by Laura Roos, supports Minnesota makers and Twin Cities creatives by curating professional and personal gift sets filled with high-quality local goods. Sure, they’re undeniably perfect for client “thank yous” and conference “welcomes,” but some boxes are better suited to ease, enhance, and elevate your everyday life on a personal level.

Whether you want to send yourself some extra TLC or ship one to a friend who’s had a week from you-know-where, Minny & Paul has dozens of gift sets to get the job done. But specifically, these three sets (called “Home,” “Good Vibes,” and “Pamper“) are perfect for keeping your stress levels in check and your wellness on track.

“Home” Gift Set

This set is destined for the friend, colleague, or family member in the process of remodeling, renovating, or even purchasing a new home. The gift set is packed full of handcrafted goods to compliment your space, including a dried cedar and moss candle from True Hue, recipe cards and tea towel from Wild Perla, a small jar of local honey, and an intoxicating bar of grey lavender soap. $75

“Good Vibes” Gift Set

If you just need to bask in a bucket of “nothingness” or take a chill pill (or two), this one’s for you. Inside, you’ll find a dainty Arlee Park brass dish and incense cones, an A MANO “Spirit Rock” (a mini-sculpture made of clay), and a calming balm from Lulu Organics. $55

“Pamper” Gift Set

Sometimes, you need some spa-like bliss, a mighty fix of chocolate, and some delivered-to-your-doorstep retail therapy to get you through another week. But other times, local self-care products and goodies can do the trick. This gift set includes an Illume candle, a Kisa & Co. Turkish towel, bath salts, body creme, and two Annie B’s caramels. $78

Each box (which can be shipped anywhere in the nation) comes with some choices. One, is a custom, handwritten card from a local artist of your choice to be shipped with your gift, and two, are your packaging options: an oatmeal paperboard box (sourced from Plymouth-based Federal Industries) or The Binny, a canvas “bin” from byrd & belle.

To shop for your own Minny & Paul gift set, click here.

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