Fuse Showroom Opens at International Market Square


Fuse, a recently opened showroom at International Market Square, lives up to its name, bringing together well-built commercial pieces and residential design—an aesthetically modern mix that allows its team to put a focus on sustainability.

“Because commercial manufacturers are held to a higher standard in terms of sustainability, they’re way ahead in green design, whether that’s in fabrics, furnishings, or manufacturing practices,” explains Fuse owner Christine Frisk.

But “commercial” doesn’t translate to institutional or cold—from textiles to chairs, all of the lines at Fuse have personality behind them, since the showroom prefers companies that hire specific designers to stand behind each piece.

And although the sleek Axo lights and clean-lined tables from Andreu World on display at Fuse are available only to trade buyers, the showroom also features an art gallery open to the public showcasing works by graduates of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. “It’s gotten great response so far,” says Frisk. “I love the interplay between the art and design aspects in the showroom.” fusempls.com

By Josie Franske

Photo by Greg Dickerson, courtesy of Fuse Showroom






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